Cities of the future

Cities of the future for tomorrow’s water and waste management

Society is increasingly demanding higher standards related to environmental, social and economic sustainability as we build new urban development or upgrade existing systems. These standards are often driven by new national and international visions, environmental goals and EU regulations. We support our customers in the analysis and comparison of different solutions for:

  • Development of water and sanitation visions and strategies
  • Development of general plans, comprehensive plans, and detailed local plans
  • Urban renewal
  • Alterations in existing water and wastewater infrastructure, e.g. construction of a new treatment plant
  • Decisions whether to consolidate treatment works into a centralized plant or maintain decentralized systems
  • Integration and co-treatment of food waste and wastewater.

Our decision-support tools are designed to provide our clients with the best available information from current research and special requirements related to the local context so that they can make the long-term decisions needed for tomorrow’s water and waste management.