Our History

From research program to research-based consulting company

Urban Water Management started as a long-term integrated research program for Sustainable Urban Water Management (1999-2006) financed by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research (MISTRA). The Urban Water Management program was guided by a conceptual framework based on a systems perspective and comprehensive view of sustainability. Taking this broader perspective of water and wastewater systems highlighted the fact that they are more complex than simply a user turning on the tap or flushing a toilet. Senior researchers and PhD students from eight of the best Swedish Universities, a number of research centers, such as the Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control and the Swedish Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering, and five municipalities participated in the program.

In 2006, the tools and methods that had been developed in the Urban Water Management program were spun off into the company CIT Urban Water Management. Owners of the newly founded company were researchers from the research program together with the foundation Chalmers Industriteknik (CIT). The agreement was that CIT would assist until a point where Urban Water Management would stand on its own.

The step towards autonomy was taken in 2012, when Urban Water Management became a staff and researcher owned company. However, the strong connection to Chalmers, other universities and the original research partners remains and forms the basis of our extended network of expert alumni and colleagues who continue to work closely with us today.

Since february 2015 Urban Water Management has been a part of SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden