Climate and Energy

Energy savings and climate mitigation from wastewater systems

The main focus for a WWTP has historically been the effluent water quality under constraints of technical feasibility and cost. This is still true, but the sustainability debate and the issue of climate change due to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in particular, have widened the scope for operation of these utilities. An increasing interest in GHG emissions calls for new approaches to meet the increasing demands on effluent quality, as well as, predict and minimize the GHG emissions.

Urban Water Management evaluates effluent water quality, GHG emissions, and cost for wastewater treatment plants with a detailed dynamical modeling tool in order to have a sound basis for decision-making at an early stage.

We support our customers to:

  • Optimize existing wastewater treatment plants with respect to process configuration and control strategies
  • Develop and evaluate alternative operational strategies within existing plants
  • Develop and evaluate alternatives for new plants or plant extensions
  • Evaluate impact of future change in loading or permitting.