Swedish-Estonian Transition Areas – Network for Sustainable Wastewater Decision-making in Coastal Transition Areas

SWESTRA is a network for sustainable wastewater decision-making. Participants are practitioners working with a comprehensive view of urban water management in transition areas in Estonia and Sweden.

Increasing challenges of urbanization and stricter environmental regulations are forcing decision-makers to take a more holistic view of the complex dynamics of wastewater systems. There is an increasing need for systems thinking and tools to help decision-makers manage their wastewater more sustainably, especially in coastal zones where the consequences of actions are felt on a large scale. However, this type of thinking requires a change in perspective and new approaches to planning. At the same time, decision-support tools can assist in making this transition easier.

The network shares experiences and knowledge of work within transition areas which will be documented and posted on an internet forum to expand the reach of the project. SWESTRA uses the decision-support tool (VeVa) as a means of increasing the effectiveness of their work. Network interactions include training sessions on VeVa that help develop knowledge of the use of the tool and provide participants with the opportunity to share experiences face-to-face.

Network co-ordinator: Dr. Jennifer McConville, Urban Water.